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Range of services and online legal assistance

We are aware that, on the one hand, many of our clients want a quick solution to their legal problem, but on the other hand, clients often do not have the opportunity to meet a lawyer or legal advisor directly at our office in Poznań or in the branch in Jarocin.

Therefore, to meet our clients’ expectations, we decided to implement a new solution – online legal advice, which, according to our specialists, is an excellent alternative to traditional legal assistance. Kowalak Jędrzejewska i Partnerzy Law Firm from Poznań with a branch in Jarocin, offers online legal advice in a wide range of activities, including in particular in the field of:

  • no-fault divorce divorce due to the fault of one spouse,
  • divorce due to the fault of both spouses,
  • parental authority (i.e. deprivation or limitation) over common minor children,
  • alimony for minor children,
  • maintenance for adult children,
  • alimony for the adopted person,
  • spousal maintenance,
  • alimony for the former spouse after the dissolution or annulment of the marriage,
  • maintenance for the spouse after separation,
  • increase in alimony awarded,
  • reduction of alimony awarded,
  • recognition that the maintenance obligation has ceased,
  • waiving the maintenance obligation, alimony for the future.
  • obtaining a decision on the place of residence of children,
  • contacts of minor children with the other parent,
  • division of joint property of spouses,
  • obtaining a decision on the use of a shared flat,
  • obtaining a decision on the eviction of the other spouse from the common apartment.

What form of contact do we offer our clients?

Simply put – the form of contact depends on the preferences of our clients. Each of our clients can individually decide whether they prefer to obtain legal advice in their case online via the Internet via e-mail or videoconference via Skype or by phone.

Already during the first contact, a lawyer or legal advisor from our Law Firm can make a preliminary assessment of the case and determine whether the legal problem presented by the client can be solved without the need for a personal meeting. How to take advantage of the online legal advice offered by our Law Firm? There are a few simple steps to follow to get legal help online or over the phone:

The client may call the Law Firm at +48 61 2224963 or 795 002 403 and explain what the case is about, may also send an e-mail with a description of the legal problem and a question to the address kancelaria@prawnikpoznanski.pl

or may use the contact form available on the Law Firm’s website in the Contact tab, during the first contact with the client, by phone or e-mail, the lawyer of our team will inform the client whether we are able to provide advice on a given topic electronically and will propose the amount of remuneration for providing legal advice, after accepting the amount of remuneration,

the Client is obliged to pay it to the Law Firm’s bank account: 70 1020 4027 0000 1502 1054 5541, immediately after the payment is credited, the lawyer of our law firm will contact the client and provide legal advice in the manner chosen by the client.

Regulations for the provision of legal services by electronic means

Each of our clients can independently read the rules of online cooperation, which are included in the Regulations. It should be remembered that by using our legal services provided electronically, the Customer automatically accepts the terms of the regulations. Therefore, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with it.

Regulamin świadczenia usług prawnych drogą elektroniczną