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How much does a divorce lawyer in Poznań cost in 2023?

AuthorRadca Prawy Bartosz Kowalak- 25 January 2023
Joanna Jędrzejewska – divorce and family law lawyer in Poznań.

There is no denying that the question about the price of any product or service in the current year 2023 causes many problems due to the inflation that has been raging for several months and reaches 17%. This inflation caused the prices of many products and services to skyrocket. Therefore, it is reasonable to ask how are the prices of legal services in Poznań in 2023 – the year of inflation?

In particular, in this article, we are interested in the prices of those services of a lawyer or legal adviser that are related to conducting divorce proceedings in Poznań. Issues related to the court costs of divorce proceedings were described in one of the previous articles and they can be said to be constant.

This is due to the fact that most fees are regulated by regulations that have not changed in this respect and apply to the entire country, be it Poznań, Września or Jarocin. However, when it comes to the remuneration due to a professional attorney (lawyer, legal adviser), which the party wanting to divorce or the party who is the defendant in the divorce proceedings should pay, this issue is a bit more complicated and dynamic.

How much does a lawyer, legal adviser in a divorce case cost in 2023?

What affects the lawyer’s fee in a divorce case?

First of all, the amount of remuneration to be agreed by the Client with his attorney: attorney or legal adviser depends only on the agreement concluded between him and the attorney. There is no tariff in the Polish legal system that would impose a fixed price for such a service. A lawyer, a legal adviser is not a taxi driver who has to stick to a fixed tariff. The amount of remuneration – fee will be determined primarily by the reputation of a given attorney-at-law, as well as his negotiation skills. But also the client’s negotiation skills. There are no obstacles to negotiate the amount of remuneration for conducting a divorce case, or to put it simply, bargain for the amount that a legal adviser or lawyer expects from us.

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How much is a no-fault divorce 2023?

How much does a fault divorce 2023 cost?

First of all, the amount of the lawyer’s fee depends on the complexity of the divorce case. Of course, no two cases are the same in court. One divorce case can be simple – completed in one sitting, another can drag on for many years and involve the need to take evidence from experts, listen to many witnesses and visit the court many times. Therefore, it is crucial to determine what kind of divorce we are dealing with: is it a no-fault divorce, whether the party wants to prove the fault of the other spouse and claim maintenance, whether the spouses have children and are in dispute as to their place of residence, the method of regulating contact, the amount of alimony, you also don’t want to fit into shared property, whether the issue of using a shared apartment will be regulated. All these factors affect the length, intensity and complexity of the divorce process, but also issues related to the amount of remuneration that the attorney will request for conducting a given case. Divorce costs in 2023.

Exactly how much does a divorce cost?

Moving on to the specifics and trying to determine the rates that can be expected at present in 2023 for conducting this type of proceedings in Poznań, it can be pointed out that, in principle, the simplest divorces conducted by an assistant of a professional attorney-at-law start at around PLN 3,000.

Of course, perhaps a given client is able to find a legal adviser, a lawyer who will charge a little less. Of course, there are also no obstacles to pay more than this amount. As an example, from the knowledge we have, for example in Warsaw, the minimum rates start at PLN 5,000. However, in the case of complicated divorces, you can really say in English: Sky is the limit.

Here, to a large extent, as we mentioned earlier, the fee of a lawyer or legal adviser in a divorce case depends on the factors related to the type of applications submitted in the course of these proceedings, evidence, and also property, which, if any, were to be divided later. It can be pointed out that, depending on the degree of complexity, each further degree of complexity of the divorce: that is, a dispute over children, a dispute over the amount of maintenance, as to guilt, may in fact multiply the starting rate.

At this moment (2023) it is not unusual for the most complicated divorce with adjudication of guilt, with alimony for a spouse, with alimony of our children, with a conflict as to contacts, as to parental authority, place of residence, cause the lawyer’s remuneration to be determined divorce lawyer, or a divorce lawyer for PLN 10,000 and more, and handling such a complex case. In addition, the fee for each hearing is often set at several hundred zlotys for each date of the hearing in court. For the appeal or for the anniversary of the case.

Of course, these rates, bearing in mind almost 20% inflation in 2022 and probably similar in 2023, will probably be modified. Unfortunately, not down, but up.



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