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How long does a divorce take in Poland?

AuthorRadca Prawy Bartosz Kowalak- 25 January 2023

How long does a divorce take in Poland?

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This is definitely one of the most frequently asked questions.

There are several answers. The duration of the divorce depends primarily on the individual case and factors such as: the circumstances of separation (exclusive fault of one spouse, spouses’ agreement on divorce without adjudicating on the fault) and having children.

If the parties agree on the issue of fault for the breakdown of the marriage and (if they have them) on the issue of child custody and alimony, the divorce process will take much less time.

If the parties decide to divorce without adjudicating on fault, the court may issue a judgment at the first hearing. The process may take longer if the parties have children and are unable to reach an agreement on who will take care of them after the divorce. In such a case, the court reaches for evidence from expert psychologists and interrogates witnesses.


The waiting time for the issuance of opinions by experts adjudicating in cases examined by the District Court in Poznań is about 6-8 months, and the hearing of witnesses additionally extends this period.

A divorce with adjudication of guilt before the court of first instance can take up to 2 or 3 years. In the divorce process, it is therefore important to entrust the case to a trusted lawyer who will meticulously, objectively and as quickly as possible carry out all the required activities.


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