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By entrusting your divorce case to our Law Firm, you will receive the support of not one attorney or legal advisor, but the entire team of the Law Firm. The case will be in the hands of a group of professionals who will approach it as lawyers, not forgetting also about empathy and a human look at its character. We are aware that during a divorce case, the fate of not only adults, but also their children is at stake. Therefore, we guarantee professional and reliable assistance. If you are looking for a good divorce lawyer in Poznań, we can help you.

Assistance of a lawyer, legal adviser in divorce cases

During the first meeting at the headquarters of our Law Firm in Poznań, the lawyer or legal adviser will explain all the ambiguities or incomprehensible aspects of the divorce proceedings. In divorce cases, our law firm offers its clients:

  • Preparation of an individual strategy for conducting a divorce case,
  • Legal care of a lawyer,
  • legal adviser at every stage of a divorce case,
  • Unlimited e-mail contact,
  • Personal and telephone contact during the divorce case,
  • Preparation of all necessary procedural documents by a lawyer or legal advisor, including a divorce petition, responses to a divorce petition, appeal, parental agreement,
  • Personal participation in divorce negotiations,
  • Participation in court sessions at the hearing,
  • Approaching the client with culture and empathy.

What matters does our law firm deal with?

Our law firm provides assistance both in pre-litigation and court proceedings. Even before filing a divorce case, it is worth taking legal advice from one of our lawyers and legal advisers. During a meeting with our specialist, spouses may find out that some legal issues related to their marriage can be settled out of court. Cases of this type may include: establishing custody of minor children or dividing property in the form of a settlement.

The scope of court activities undertaken by our Law Firm includes, in particular, the preparation of letters, in particular:

  • a divorce petition,
  • application for the division of spouses’ property,
  • claim for alimony,
  • application for abolition of separation,
  • separation petition,
  • application for the regulation of childcare,
  • other pleadings and documents necessary for the proper representation of the Client, and most importantly – representing the Client before all instances of the court, as well as before other state authorities.

Divorce in Poland with or without a lawyer?

Our lawyers and legal advisors provide legal advice and help to conduct cases in the field of divorce cases in Poznań: No-fault divorce through the fault of one spouse, Divorce due to both spouses. One of the important issues regarding divorce, even before starting to prepare a divorce petition, is to decide whether the divorce decree is to be with or without adjudication of guilt.

Many clients wonder whether a divorce decree without adjudication of guilt or the fault of one or both spouses will have any consequences in the future, and if so, what are they. Answering the question now, our experts point out that if you submit: divorce petition without adjudication of guilt, the court examining the case does not indicate the fault of either of the spouses in the decision. Such proceedings are actually the fastest solution, because a divorce can be issued even during the first hearing.

It should be noted, however, that a precondition for the dissolution of a marriage is the mutual consent of the parties, petition for divorce with adjudication of guilt, the spouse proving the defendant’s guilt during the trial must prove that one of the spouses was responsible for the complete and lasting breakdown of the marriage, exemplary grounds for a divorce due to the spouse’s fault are failure to meet the needs of the family, addictions (in including alcoholism), betrayal of a spouse, using violence against family members, or abuse – both physical and psychological, a lawsuit due to the fault of both spouses, where the spouses blame each other for leading to a complete and permanent breakdown of the marriage, which in turn led to divorce, if both the allegations of one and the other spouse are confirmed and proven in the course of the divorce proceedings, the Court will be able to rule divorce due to the fault of both spouses, however, it should be noted that this can only happen after a long-term evidentiary proceedings.

Scope of the divorce judgment

In the event that the client decides which form of divorce he will choose, at the same time as conducting it, our lawyers will also provide assistance in obtaining:

  • alimony (as well as securing them for the duration of the process),
  • division of joint property,
  • decisions on the use of a shared apartment,
  • eviction of the other spouse from the common apartment.

On the other hand, if the parties have children from the marriage, our experts in family and guardianship law offer handling cases regarding: parental authority (i.e. deprivation or limitation) over common minor children, rulings on child support (as well as securing them for the duration of the trial), children’s place of residence, decisions on contacts of minor children with the other parent.

Who will handle my divorce case?

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the tab Our divorce lawyers, where you can get to know our team.


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