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Wszystkie szczęśliwe rodziny są do siebie podobne, każda nieszczęśliwa rodzina jest nieszczęśliwa na swój sposób.
- Lew Tołstoj „Anna Karenina”

My name is Joanna Jędrzejewska and I am a legal adviser. Together with my partners, legal adviser Bartosz Kowalak, we run a law firm in Poznań, where I am responsible for the family law department, including divorce proceedings.

Attorney Joanna Jędrzejewska – divorce lawyer in Poland tel: 504 126 688


On this page, I would like to describe our experience in handling divorce and family cases as well as our work style. I also invite you to familiarize yourself with my business card and opinions on the site: Google Maps 

How do we act in divorce cases?


If you have come to our website, it means that you are considering ending your marriage through divorce in Poland, or you have received a divorce petition from the polish court. If you are thinking about divorce and you are from Poznań or the surrounding area – you are looking for a lawyer to whom you can entrust your case before the District Court in Poznań. So why should you use the services of our Law Firm in Poznań ( Poland) in conducting the divorce procedure? What distinguishes us from other legal advisors and advocates from Poznań ( Poland)? What can we give you as a client in this life difficult matter? Do you need a good divorce lawyer in Poland at all? Once again, I invite you to familiarize yourself with our website


Our Divorce Lawyers in Poland Team


Our Philosophy in divorce proceedings in Poland

Attorney Jędrzejewska is working on another divorce case

On the title page we placed a quote from “Anna Karenina” by Leo Tolstoy. Not without a case. For wondering, based on our many years of experience in family matters, including divorce cases, how best to summarize these types of cases? We came to the conclusion that the only true common denominator is “diversity”. Therefore, let us once again refer to the master of Russian psychological prose, Leo Tolstoy:

All happy families are alike, each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.

The experience of many years spent in the courtroom of the District Court in Poznań in divorce cases shows that each case is separate. There are other causes of marriage breakdown. There are different expectations regarding the course of the divorce process. There are other ideas for ending a marriage. Every divorcing couple has a story. However, emotions are always the most important thing in a divorce case. Many people who do not deal with courts and divorces think that these are money, alimony, snatching – taking away property. Sometimes it seems that in a divorce we want revenge, we want revenge. But no. Our experience shows that in a divorce case, whether in Poznań or Kalisz, emotions are always the most important. Research in the field of psychology indicates that divorce is in second place on the scale of life events that are associated with the greatest trauma and stress for the person experiencing it. Therefore, based on our experience as an advocate and legal adviser, we have developed a certain standard of conduct.


First and foremost, we listen to our clients. It is you who face this very difficult challenge for you and your family – your children, which is the breakdown of your marriage and divorce. Only you know what you want. What are your fears about divorce in Poland? How do you want to proceed with this divorce according to polish law, or do you want a divorce at all? We are aware that when you come to a divorce lawyer in Poznań, you expect substantive and emotional support. Often your decision depends on clarifying your doubts. That’s why your first meeting with a divorce lawyer starts with listening to your story. The lawyer who will meet you will ask you questions that will help us and you to follow the optimal course of action. We will never force you to make a decision. You will not hear from us: this is how you get divorced, you should demand a guilty verdict (except maybe when there is violence in the family. In such a situation we believe that taking the final measures is necessary). We operate differently.


First of all, we will familiarize you with the possibilities offered by the law in your specific situation. We’ll explain where you stand. Is it worth filing for divorce? What will this divorce mean for you and your children according to polish law regulations? What will be the consequences of divorce for finances and joint property in Poland? When are you due for child support or will you have to pay it? Who will take care of the children and what rights and responsibilities do parents have towards their children after divorce? There are many questions that are asked during a meeting with a divorce lawyer. Just like there are many marriages and the reasons for their breakup. From us, however, you will get the most accurate picture of your legal situation and your possibilities, which allows you to make a rational and best decision for you. The divorce process is almost always accompanied by strong negative emotions and mutual grievances of the quarreling spouses. On top of all this, there is also the fear of the future associated with starting a new, unknown path in life. The role of a professional proxy, attorney or divorce attorney is to control them. Out of concern for the divorce proceedings to end as soon as possible and with the least possible harm to the psyche of our client and his children. That is why our clients often say after the first meeting: “Thank you, Mr. / Mrs. Attorney, you have calmed me down a bit.”


Involving a polish lawyer or legal adviser in a divorce case gives you peace of mind but also a sense of certainty. There is no doubt that the court is not a friendly place. Especially in a situation where the spouse in conflict with us sits on the other side of the courtroom, often in the company of another lawyer or legal adviser. Although, according to statistics, in Poland in such cities such as Poznań, almost half of marriages break up, we are dealing with the unpleasant experience of divorce, rather once in a lifetime. Therefore, it is difficult to gain experience and sophistication in the courtroom, especially since the divorce hearing acts as a trigger reminding of all the bad things that brought the spouses before the judge of the District Court in Poznań. We have been to this courtroom many times. We know how the polish court process for divorce proceeds. How to successfully file for divorce in court, or what line of defense to choose when you are on the defendant’s side. We will prepare you for what questions may be asked, what the court expects from you, or what an attorney or legal counsel of the other party may want to surprise you with. Earlier, we will also determine what evidence is worth presenting to the court, or what witnesses are worth questioning. If you and your husband or wife, despite a joint decision to divorce, want to separate culturally, without a court battle, we will also help you negotiate before the divorce. We will write down the agreement between the spouses, including the parental agreement, to regulate all important issues related to childcare, so that you go to court only once.


Attorney-at-law Joanna Jędrzejewska and attorney-at-law Joanna Janiak – divorce lawyers in Poland

As a law firm, we are a team. A team of lawyers: lawyers and legal advisors who have been handling divorce and other family matters in Poznań for many years. Each of us has extensive experience gained from hundreds of hours of conversations with clients and dozens of hours sitting in the courtroom of the District Court in Poznań. By entrusting us with your divorce case, you do not entrust it to one person, but to the entire team that works together on your case. Working together for many years, we have come to the conclusion that looking at a case from several directions gives the best result in solving it.


In every case we handle, including divorce cases, we consider its course. We think about the strengths and risks that may arise during the divorce process. The court process is dynamic. A lot is going on in it and a lot can change. Therefore, we try to develop a strategy with our client in his divorce case, present all possible scenarios. Together, we try to get to know the expectations of the other party and anticipate their reactions. At the same time, we always remember that success in divorce proceedings consists of, among others: cooperation and mutual trust between the client and the attorney.


Attorney-at-law Anna Konrady and attorney-at-law Bartosz Kowalak – divorce lawyers in Poland

Our observations show that divorce proceedings in themselves are not a source of pride for our clients. Most of us treat divorce as a kind of failure in life, which we are rather not proud of. At the same time, the delicate matter of such cases, often their intimate nature, means that in the course of the case we are entrusted with evidence of a delicate nature. At this point, we would like to emphasize one of the many rules that we always follow in our professional life, and this is the most important one is advocates’ and legal adviser’s confidentiality.


The course of a visit to a divorce lawyer in Poznań

We work together as a team. We consider your case together.

During the Client’s first visit to the Law Office, the lawyer, legal counsel will familiarize himself with the factual situation in detail, trying to collect as much information as possible about the reasons for the decision to divorce and expectations regarding its course. To this end, the lawyer will listen to the client and ask a number of questions to define the problem, its scale and the client’s expectations as precisely as possible. In the further course of legal advice regarding divorce, he will discuss the client’s legal situation, present optimal solutions, indicate problems and risks related to conducting a given divorce case and indicate the further course of action. In a situation where a family lawyer presents a strategy and the client accepts it, the lawyer from our law firm will help to carry out all the formalities. In this regard, we prepare for our clients: a divorce petition; response to a divorce petition; complaints; appeals against a divorce decree; conclusions; legal opinions; contracts; and other necessary documents, we also participate in negotiations; and we provide mediation. we represent clients in court proceedings in all instances.

Lawyer’s assistance in the case of DIVORCE and SEPARATION in Poznań ( Poland)

Divorce in Poland with or without a lawyer?

Poznań is no exception in Poland and also in Poznań, on average, every third marriage breaks up due to divorce – about 6,000 divorce judgments are issued annually before the District Court in Poznań. It is true that a divorce case may not seem very complicated from a legal point of view, but the divorce process is certainly accompanied by great emotions and often mutual grievances of the conflicting spouses. The role of a professional attorney, a divorce lawyer, is to control them, in order to ensure that the divorce proceedings end as quickly as possible and with the least possible emotional burden for the divorced.


Divorce process in Poland


The divorce process in Poland can proceed quickly and end at the first hearing if the parties do not agree on a guilty verdict and present a similar position. The role of a polish divorce lawyer is only to convince the court (in Poznań it is the District Court in Poznań) that the marriage has broken down. The situation becomes more complicated when the divorced have minor children. Then, as part of the divorce proceedings, issues related to: the place of residence of the child; parental authority; alimony; contacts with children. However, also in this case, the submission of relevant evidence to the court may lead to a situation in which the divorce will be granted at the first hearing. Precise preparation by a divorce lawyer of a lawsuit or response to a lawsuit, with a specific indication of demands, conclusions and arguments, is an appropriate basis for conducting a divorce case. In an effective and least psychologically burdensome way for the party to the proceedings. Sometimes, as a result of tense relations, the party or both spouses demand the dissolution of the marriage with a declaration of sole fault of the spouse. Of the 6,000 divorce cases that the Regional Court in Poznań hears every year, such a ruling is issued in as many as ¼ of divorce judgments. If you want to prove the fault of the other person in the breakdown of your marriage, remember that you have to prove it in court. Self-conviction of the other spouse’s guilt is not enough.


Is it worth hiring a lawyer for a divorce case?

The task of the lawyer is to indicate a number of different means of evidence – witnesses, documents or materials from a private detective. Of course, going through a fault finding divorce is more time-consuming and can lead to the disclosure of intimate details of the relationship, which not everyone wants. Our attorneys and legal advisors will help you develop a litigation strategy tailored to your individual situation. Success in divorce proceedings includes: cooperation and mutual trust between the client and his representative. To sum up, if you are looking for a lawyer in Poznań who specializes in divorces, our team of family lawyers will guarantee you to go through this difficult stage in your life in a painless way. By commissioning us to conduct a divorce case before the District Court in Poznań, we offer you: Legal care at every stage of the divorce case, Divorce case strategy Possibility of unlimited personal and telephone contacts during the divorce case, Unlimited e-mail contact, In the course of the case, our attorneys and divorce lawyers will prepare all the necessary pleadings (divorce petition, response to the divorce petition, appeal, parental agreement), Personal participation in negotiations with your opponent in a divorce case, Participation in court sessions at the hearing.



You can be sure that you will never be alone in your divorce case!